PCMS Charter
It is built around the values shared by the PCMS Group members. This charter enables us to meet the most stringent requirements. It establishes the fundamentals that lead to your projects'success. Each new member must fully accept and respect the PCMS Charter.
Our professionalism is based upon the fact that we permanently seek the highest quality, always meet deadlines, command techniques that are suited to your corporate issues and continuously adjust production tools to the latest technical and technological developments, as well as offer training, etc...
Privileged Relations
A high-quality follow-up based on listening to our customers, as well as our availability and responsiveness. Efficient technical support due to our team competencies.
Safety and Environment
We intervene while meeting all existing standards. Each PCMS Group member is involved in an environmentally-friendly approach.
Active Participation
The dynamism shared by the PCMS Group members produces an exchange of ideas, workshops, work groups, etc... This active and regular participation enables us to meet all your specific requirements.
Combined skills
The PCMS Group members provide you with a full service offer thanks to their complementarity. Each specialised member offers you its expertise and modern technical solutions. Our strength results from combining the group's various skills.

7 companies

150 professionals

15 million euros turnover


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